Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Headed home (poosplosion)

Reagan slept well last night (in bed) and woke up this morning calm and collected. She did have a big poo on her own this morning, which is quite unusual for her, but it has been days since her last so was definitely time! This morning we packed up everything and headed back to Austin. It's not a terrible drive, but lots of construction make it a little more difficult. Both kiddos were well behaved though, so that was good. Our only mishap...Reagan had another giant poo about an hour away from home! We had to make the call whether to pull over somewhere and attempt to change her on my tailgate in the cold or just wait until we got home. We chose to wait and I'm glad we did. Reagan's nurse who came in for a half day today, met us just as we were about to unload, so we had all hands on deck! It was a MESS! It had leaked through the front, it was on her pants/sleeves/carseat harness/weighted blanket, so it's a good thing we didn't attempt to pull over to change her because there was no way we could have handled that mess on the road. We took her straight to the tub and she got a much needed bath! As often times happens, it's feast or famine with her and she had another big poo diaper this afternoon as well! Oh well, I'm sure she must feel better now! She just took it easy the rest of the day. Looked a little groggy but never dozed off until tonight. Such a good girl! Glad to be home but we're going to miss Grandma!

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Clarissa said...

Abi has a blow out almost every morning, usually waking me by 3-6am to change her and her clothes, etc. :) we have a big full size van that is meant to be 15 passenger, but we have the front bench out so that we have extra floor space for me to change Abi on our trips to Seattle. It is not easy to do it, though, since she is so big now. Very awkward and uncomfortable for me (and when I've been big & pg, it is even harder!), but one reason we love having a big "bus". ;) We would need a 9-passenger anyway, so we figured, why not a 15? lol Anyway, glad Reagan is feeling ok!