Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Still no sleep last night for my girl! On a good note...she was still in good spirits this morning, so our day trip to Houston was a go! However, about an hour before we left, Reagan had a huge leaky poo diaper! I was really worried at what this meant for our trip, but thankfully it only happened that one time and at least it was before we left! Both kids were very good the whole way there! Both looked like they might fall asleep at times, but neither ever did. It took us about 2.5hrs to get there and even though it was a little quicker than we even thought, we were all ready to get out of the car by that point! There was a full house, tons of food and kids, and loud music...a typical Guidry get together! Ryan was loving all of the action and he was enjoying dancing to the music! He did NOT, however, eat any Thanksgiving food other than some cherries from the fruit salad. Ugh. That boy. I was worried about how Reagan would do with all of the commotion and music, but as long as the back door was closed (where the loud music was playing) and we had her noise canceling headphones on, we were able to avoid a meltdown. She is definitely getting more sensitive. She's also had cold hands and feet today. I was afraid today might be a bad day, but she held it together and had a good one! We left just before 6pm and Ryan passed out cold immediately. We figured since he was in such a deep sleep, we'd stop right then to fill up on gas. Well, he woke up the second we stopped and then was awake for the whole drive back! Thankfully, both kids were very good on the way back as well. I put Ryan straight to bed, but Reagan was not winding down at all once we got home. At one point she seemed like she might actually lose it (lots of kooky vocalizing), but she settled down. Nothing was putting her to sleep though, not Lortab, not clonidine. We did eventually put her arm restraint on her because she was shoving her hands down her throat so much, there was no way she was going to fall asleep doing that! Mike laid down with her for a while and FINALLY she dozed off. Not expecting much sleep again tonight, but please keep her in your prayers. I'm very thankful that both kiddos cooperated today! That was definitely my Thanksgiving prayer! 

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