Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Bday party

Today has been a much better day for my girl. She's still a little sensitive, but definitely less stressed. My mom and I were hard at work all day trying to put the finishing touches on the Halloween themed surprise 40th birthday party I was throwing for Mike! Of course there were things we didn't get to finish, decorations (and food) we never put out, but it still turned out really well! We had a margarita machine and tons of food...I think everyone had a great time! Mike had several friends from High school that came, so that was fun to see them! Reagan's nurse came in late and stayed late to help with Reagan. She was a good girl though and slept part of the time and was awake but precious the rest of the time. We're all super exhausted and still have a lot of cleaning up to do before we can go to bed! Hoping everyone gets some sleep tonight! (This is just a few of the pics I have...I'll post more pics over the next few days as I get them from other people!)

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