Monday, November 24, 2014

Good days

Today was a good day! Reagan slept well and woke up smiling! She had speech and OT today and did really well with both! She was following commands and using her hands well, which is always a good thing. She made it through speech but was trying to fall asleep right before OT, so her OT came anyway and somehow managed to keep her awake! She spent some time doing stretches and stood in her stander! Then she was awake and in a good mood the rest of the day! So glad to see her feeling better again. Tonight she was a little antsy and making quite a few vocalizations, but after a visit from the poo fairy, she seems much improved. Poor girl. All of that holding it in, makes for an unpleasant experience. Other than that, she's been super sweet and happy. We could tell last night she had turned a corner, definitely going to enjoy these good days!

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