Tuesday, November 4, 2014

From smiley to serious

It was another early morning for my girl. I think she hasn't quite adjusted yet to the time change. Every day since Sunday she's waking up between 4-5am and she's up for good. She's waking up smiling though, so that's always a good thing. She's been a sweet girl. Still very spitty, but smiley...at least she was this morning. She's gotten more and more serious as the day has gone on. This afternoon and tonight, we couldn't get her to smile for anything! Her body has been pretty tense all day. She's still very crunchy and even her therapists are having a tough time getting her to relax. This morning she had PT, followed by vision (accompanied by Reagan's new teacher), and then OT right afterward! Busy, busy. Reagan did well with everything. She was fighting OT a little toward the end (she really didn't want to uncrunch), but she did OK. Tonight she's been very serious. She's definitely having temperature regulation issues (sweaty back but ice cold hands and feet) and Mike and I both smelled a touch of "bad day smell" on her head. Not good. Not good. Hoping she can relax and get some sleep tonight! I'm exhausted. Between the time change and feeling super tired earlier than usual and Reagan getting up an hour or two earlier every morning, I'm spent! 

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