Friday, November 14, 2014

Dallas bound

My girl woke up at 1am and she was not happy. Her eyes were still closed but she was thrashing and moaning and flailing. I tried to soothe her but it just wasn't working. I picked her up and moved her to her chair and she immediately calmed down...I don't think she ever fell back to sleep but she was calm so I went back to sleep. I was worried about where she was headed, but today actually turned out to be a good day. Reagan was sweet and smiley today, still very crunchy and super spitty (hands in the mouth a lot)! Reagan's usual nurse was out of town today so our weekend nurse was able to fill in and she was able to watch her PT work with her. Reagan was great and tolerated everything well. Speech was canceled due to her therapist being sick (no sickies allowed in this house)! The rest of the day was spent with me in a mad dash trying to get everything together for our trip to Dallas! Mike had some time off from work and wanted to go on a little vacation somewhere. We considered San Antonio or Dallas but Dallas won out since I have family there (and it's nice not having to pay for a hotel)! In the 5yrs my mom has lived in the Dallas area, we've only been to see her once and was only for a day! We weren't sure whether to leave today or tomorrow, but Reagan was still doing well so we decided to jump in the car and head up there tonight! Both kiddos were well behaved and even though we had to take a detour thru Waco (because of deadlocked traffic) and we stopped for gas/snacks, we made it there in 3.5hrs. Ryan was super excited and going strong and did NOT want to go to bed and cried a lot but he eventually went to sleep. Hoping my girl can settle down and get some sleep as well! Oh yeah, today was my birthday as well!

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