Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bad day

Much to our dismay, Reagan woke up this morning around 4:45am crying. Mike laid down with her but she wasn't settling down. I gave her a dose of Lortab and he put her in her chair, she never fell back to sleep, but she immediately calmed down. She was awake, but calm and quiet. I thought maybe we had dodged a bullet. She was calm but having increasing periods of stress where she'd tense up all of a sudden. Finally around 9:30am the crying started back up. Another dose of Lortab seemed to do the trick and she eventually fell back to sleep. She slept soundly but woke up crying again around 12:50pm. Her nurse tried a dose of clonidine but it just didn't seem to work as quickly or as well. She was also sounding a little congested (which makes us real nervous because Grandma was diagnosed with the Flu today). She did eventually fall back to sleep after 40 min of nonstop crying, but she didn't stay asleep long. She woke back up crying/moaning again, but this time the Lortab worked within 10min and she was back asleep. It's been an awful day for my girl. We just feel so helpless on days like these. We're not sure what's causing her pain, therefore no one is really sure what would be the best option to treat it! So frustrating, knowing the only thing that helps is time. And when she's crying every waking moment, time seems to stand still! Her last bad streak started last Wed, but she didn't immediately recover and had more in between good/bad days this cycle. Ugh. Tonight, thankfully, she fell asleep (thank you Lortab for working so well today) and she seems to be down for the night! Hoping my sweet girl can sleep this off and wake up much improved tomorrow! 

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Clarissa said...

I'm praying for Reagan! Hugs!