Monday, November 10, 2014

Bad day but could've been worse

Well, unfortunately I was right. Reagan woke up this morning crying! The loosey goosey girl we saw yesterday was headed for the bad. The calm before the storm. I was able to calm her down and I thought maybe there was hope for the day, but no, not so much. She was calm for an hour or so and then dozed off. She kept startling back awake, but she was OK and would just fall back to sleep. But then, right around 10:30am, she jolted awake and the tears started flowing. She was inconsolable. Her nurse gave her a dose of Lortab and that eventually helped her to fall back to sleep...but she was very restless. We have had to alternate Lortab and clonidine all day. Nothing seems to last longer than 1-2hrs and she pops back awake and starts moaning/crying! Poor thing. I have NO idea what is bothering her. This is one of those times we desperately wish she could tell us what hurts. Give us some slight clue as to what we could do to help her! But we have NO clue. Is it her tummy, muscle pain, bone pain, neuropathy, a headache/migraine??? We're clueless. Thankfully she was able to sleep most of the day today, so she wasn't nearly as agitated and aggressive today (no biting). Tonight when she woke up, I was able to change her diaper and then she just fell asleep on the floor. I moved her camera and just covered her up there. She was sleeping so peacefully, arms up above her head, I figured there was no use in trying to move her (and it was certainly better than her sleeping in her chair)! Hoping my girl wakes feeling much improved tomorrow. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers!

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