Sunday, October 12, 2014

Very bad day

Reagan slept again last night in her bed! She was awake and kicking around at 7:45am, but I'm not sure how long she had been awake. My immediate concern was her seriousness. Very tense in her body, no smiles, very different from the last several days. We were very careful with her to not do anything to set her off. She seemed to be calming down a bit, so while we were at church, her nurse put her in her wheelchair. She even looked like she might fall asleep for a bit, but when we got home we must've made some sort of noise (slamming the door or something)...she flipped out and was full out crying! Not good. We tried everything in our bag...oxycodone, ibuprofen, essential oils...nothing was working! It wasn't until we tried clonidine hours later that she finally stopped crying and dozed off! Unfortunately, that only lasted an hour or so, before she woke up and started crying again! This time we tried Lortab. Thankfully it helped her to doze back off again. This is the first time her new nurse has seen her have a "real" bad day! It's awful. I hate to see her suffer like this and since she can't tell us what's hurting her, we have no clue how to help her! So frustrating! Tonight she was really crying/screaming/moaning nonstop...the medicines didn't seem to be working again. Finally, after a failed dose of clonidine, Lortab helped her to fall asleep! Hoping and praying she can stay asleep and wake up feeling better in the morning! Please say some extra prayers for my girl tonight!

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