Monday, October 13, 2014

Serious but calm

Reagan woke up once last night, shortly after I fell asleep. She was fussing/crying and not at all happy. I started dissolving a clonidine and then started diffusing some oils (frankincense and copiaba). In the small amount of time it took to get that going, she dozed back off. So I just held the clonidine and went back to sleep. Thankfully, she slept the rest of the night (in her chair, but sleep is sleep)! She woke a little bit after the nurse got here and was serious but calm. That was her demeanor for the rest of the day. At one point I could've sworn I heard a couple little laughs, but her nurse didn't think so. She tolerated her therapies today, and although she wasn't sensitive at all to anything, she also wasn't wanting to participate either. Speech and school were probably the least productive, but OT at least was able to get her out of her chair and stretch her, so I'm sure that was good for her. We also did an afternoon bath, because there was a definite underarm smell we needed to address. Unfortunately, tonight I can definitely smell the "bad day smell" on her head, so she might need another bath tomorrow! All in all, not such a bad day. She made it through without any tears, just tense and serious. Tonight she seemed a little more tense and kicky, but that was probably due to her crazy (napless) brother carrying on about everything! Hoping both babies can get some sleep tonight and wake up feeling better tomorrow!

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Clarissa said...

Praying the bad days hold off! I know that smell.. phew! Abi smells bad somedays (underarms)... I had to give Abi an extra clonidine last night around 4am, cuz she had been up since 2am and no sign of going back to sleep. Thankfully the clonedine worked and she slept til about 7:30! (I was trying to keep my other kids quiet, since both Abi and Jubal had been up in the night and then were both sleeping this morning! That didn't last long!)