Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014 Central Texas Energy for Life Walkathon

Reagan slept last night and kept sleeping this morning! We went to church and came back and she was still asleep (her nurse was here with her)! She woke briefly while we were gone and seemed a bit agitated, but fell back to sleep. We were pressed for time when we got back, so we immediately started changing her to get her ready to leave for the walk (at this point we weren't even sure how she was going to wake up and if she was going to be able to go)! We woke her up, but she didn't seem to mind. She was cool and calm. We got everyone loaded up into the car (as well as two all-terrain strollers) and headed out to Old Settler's Park in Round Rock for the 3rd Annual Energy for Life Central Texas Walkathon! Reagan was great, but the music/DJ was loud, so I immediately put on her noise cancelling head phones. The only time she seemed to be getting a little sensitive was during the national anthem, but I just talked her through it and she was fine! They even spoke to everyone ahead of time and as team "Rallying for Reagan" walked past the starting line, they turned down the music and all just shook pom poms (instead of clapping)! The weather was nice, although in the bright sunshine it did get a little warm! It was perfect sleeping weather though, so Reagan dozed off almost immediately. We had 50 or so people on our team this year so it was a really good turnout! We made it through the whole walk, and pictures afterward, without her waking up. Daddy even decided it would be easiest to just walk her back down the road to the restaurant we were meeting up at, rather than taking her out of the stroller to go a mile down the road and risk her waking up. She slept through lunch and didn't wake until we put her in the car! She didn't last long though and both she and her brother were fast asleep the whole drive home! She woke up again when we brought her in the house, but fell back to sleep shortly thereafter. She woke up long enough tonight for a bath and then was back out in no time! All in all, it turned out really well (considering how bad things were yesterday)!! Thank you for your prayers and thank you everyone so much for coming out to support my girl! We couldn't do it without you!

Reagan's Charlie's Angel nurses!



Diane said...

What a great turn out and SO glad Reagan had a good if sleepy day!

Clarissa said...

yay! so awesome! glad she did well for the walk!

charity said...

glad she did well for the walk