Friday, October 10, 2014

Otherwise good

Not sure how much Reagan slept last night. I know I was exhausted from going to bed around 1:30am, so I might not have heard her even if she was awake. She woke me up again around 5am with some vocalizations. I went in and found that when she kicked her weighted blanket off during the night, it somehow managed to pop her tube open, so all night her pump was pumping formula onto the floor as her intestines drained out on the floor as well! Ugh. So I changed her and cleaned up the mess and laid down for 5min til my 5:35am alarm went off! No excuses. I got up and went walking with my running partner (long run is tomorrow). Reagan had another good day today. She was a little more kooky vocal today (and slightly sensitive to us talking), but otherwise good. She had speech this morning and did well with that. She's been doing really well this week making choices (especially with the eyegaze device). Then this afternoon she had "school" and was great with that as well! Tonight she was super sweet and dare I say even sleepy! For the first time in days, we were able to get her into her bed and Mike laid down with her til she fell asleep! Praying for some sleep for my sweet girl!

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