Friday, October 17, 2014

Laughy sweet girl

It's been another good one for my girl! (I keep telling her she needs to hold on for THREE more days, since the walkathon is Sunday!) She woke up this morning laughing and never went back to sleep! She was super laughy this morning, but she had lots of laughs all day. Only one therapy today, speech this morning and of course she did well with that. She was super sweet and there were many photo opportunities...she couldn't have been any cuter! Her hands and feet have continued to be cold and clammy off and on and this afternoon/night she's been particularly spitty...but still good. Tonight she did give us a bit of grief in the sleep department. She fell asleep on her own in her chair downstairs but when Mike carried her upstairs to her bed, she woke up and then wouldn't go back to sleep. She was actually getting increasingly frustrated and fussy so finally we moved her to her chair and with some coaxing (and oils diffusing) she eventually fell asleep! It definitely seemed to be tummy pain related so I'm hoping it will pass and we'll still have a sweet smiley girl tomorrow! 

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