Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Super sweet

It's been another good one. Reagan was a little hesitant to fall asleep once in her bed last night, but she eventually dozed off with clonidine. She slept through til about 5am and then was awake for a bit. She fell back asleep but a loud motorcycle driving by woke her back up and then she was wide awake! Thankfully, she was super sweet and smiley! She's been super precious today. She had PT this morning and did great for that. She was doing great kneeling and doing switch work so her PT got a little over excited and continued it probably a little longer than she normally would have. After that she was pretty zonked. She'd do it again, but not for nearly as long! I know with all of her nonstop movement, we never really think about her body fatiguing, but as any kid with mito, she's going to tire much more easily. This afternoon she had OT and did a great job for that as well! She sat in her wheelchair and they worked on her head control (so she didn't use her i2i headrest). They've been doing this a lot lately and her head control has improved significantly. She still fatigues after a while, but it's way better than it used to be! Everybody is loving the sweetness and smiles this girl is giving us today! She's been biting her lower lip and grinding her teeth off and on, but otherwise she's been perfect! Definitely praying for more good days to come!

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