Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I run 4 Reagan!

Reagan slept well last night and had a pretty good day today. Still no smiles, a few little laughs, but good. She's still very tense in her body and "crunchy"...both her PT and OT worked on that today. She also had vision therapy this morning, so it's been a busy day. She held her own though and was very patient through it all. This afternoon she got a package in the mail from Julie, her IRun4 runner. It was her survivor medal that she got from running the Susan G. Koman race for the cure race (she's a breast cancer survivor)! Such a sweet thing for her to do! And such a fitting medal for my girl to receive! If you don't already know about it, there's a really neat facebook group called I run for Michael where they pair up runners with special needs children/adults. The runners receive a lot of support from other runners while also donating their miles to their special needs buddy! It's a great organization and everyone gets a lot out of it! They are always in need of more special needs buddies (there's a waiting list for runners) so please go to this website if you're interesting in taking part in this neat organization. It's actually part of the reason I decided to take up running as well. After watching my dad run for years and then seeing Mike's sister post updates from the couch to 5k program on Facebook and ultimately reading all of the posts from runners on IRun4, I decided to start running! I started 6/1 and have been religiously running or walking every day since! Who do I run for? I run for REAGAN!!

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Cjengo said...

Jude is super toned too. I like the description crunchy!