Monday, October 20, 2014

Good days

Reagan had a good day today! She woke up a little early, but she was a good girl! She's been very sweet and smiley all day! She's had a busy day of this morning (she was very vocal and "talking" the whole time), OT shortly after (and even got in her stander), and then "school" this afternoon. She did great for them all! She has really made quite the recovery after such a horrendous day on Saturday! The only thing I've noticed that's still a bit off, she's getting the "one red ear" off and on (it's her right ear), which is an indication of dysautonomia. She's also kicking a lot and has her hands shoved down her throat, but that's not unusual for her! Tonight I made her sit cross-legged in her chair and that really helped to settle her and she was able to stop the constant movement for a bit! I leaned over her and put my head on her head and she dozed off! She's such a doll! Love that girl! Hoping she has a good night's sleep tonight and has another good day tomorrow!

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