Friday, October 24, 2014

Bad day

It was a bad day today. My girl slept well and even slept in a little this morning. But when she woke, she was not happy. She was very tense, whining, and stressed! Unfortunately it just continued to get worse! She started crying and biting and flailing...we couldn't control her. She managed to pull her hand away from her nurse and took a little bite out of her pointer finger. For the rest of the day she had to wear an arm restraint on her left arm...for her safety! The only positive thing, she was responding well to pain medication. We alternated clonidine and Lortab/oxycodone all day and she slept through most of the bad. It wasn't until tonight that she had a longer stretch of misery where she wasn't responding to medication. Finally she dozed off on her own and were just praying she'll sleep well and wake up better tomorrow! Please keep her in your prayers! These bad days are coming way too quickly!

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