Wednesday, October 29, 2014


It's been an awful day for my girl! It all started last night. She was fighting going to sleep and getting more and more aggravated. She flipped out and ended up spending the night in her chair. I don't think she slept much at all. I got up a few times with her when she was upset, but most of the night I think she was just kicking around quietly but awake. She seemed to calm down a bit and there was a period of time this morning we thought she might actually be OK. I picked her up and held her and she was even giving me some laughs! But not long after that, she started crying and then cried nearly the entire day. Her medications were not very helpful today, giving her brief if any relief from the pain. We've had to use her restraints off and on today as well. She's been very bitey and at one point she did get a hold of her right finger (because we were holding her left hand). This is way too soon to be having bad days again already, but I'm just praying it comes and goes as quickly as we've seen the last few cycles. Hopefully she'll get some sleep tonight and wake up feeling much improved tomorrow! She just has to right, because she can't feel much worse! Prayers for our sweet girl are much appreciated!