Saturday, October 18, 2014


Today started off well enough...Reagan woke up surprisingly happy and we thought all was good. Boy were we wrong! I had my second 5k in the morning, so while I was off running, Reagan dozed back off to sleep. All was good and she was sleeping away, when all of a sudden she woke up crying! And that sums up the rest of the day! Nonstop screaming crying! Her pain/sleep medicines weren't helping and she was miserable! I honestly don't remember the last time she was this bad! Biting, flailing, kicking...she had superhuman strength! We were having to use all of our body weight to try to stop her from hurting herself. Eventually we did end up having to put both arm restraints on her, because we just couldn't hold her down nonstop and she couldn't be trusted even for a second! It's been AWFUL. Grandma drove in and we all took turns trying to soothe her, but it was not working. Grandma and Daddy had a little more luck getting her to fall asleep, but not much was helping. This continued on until 1-1:30am and now she's finally asleep. No clue if it will last or if by some miracle she'll be well enough to go to the walkathon tomorrow! We could sure use some prayers for our sweet miserable girl! Goodnight.

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Clarissa said...

Praying! I hope you all got some sleep last night!