Saturday, September 6, 2014

Very off but sweet

 Well, I think it was another night of ZERO sleep for my girl! She was sweet and happy, but no sleep. No pee either. She didn't go all morning until we tried another dose of clonidine at 10:30am. She dozed off and then FINALLY had a huge pee! Unfortunately, she only slept for an hour so we were able to change her, but she was awake (and no more pees the rest of the day). She was very "off" and startle-y all day! She was super sensitive and would startle very easily. Her body was tense (obviously) but she was very "still". She'd just sit there with her arms by her side or up in the air, but no hands in her mouth and not even much kicking. It was definitely odd. I took this picture of her tonight. I laid her down on the floor (because her temperature regulation is still so off and she's so sweaty) and she was laying there with her arms up above her head as if she were jumping up in the air. Such a cutie...but obviously exhausted and just not feeling well. She's had a gunky cough all day (but worse tonight). It sounds like it's just gunk in her throat and hopefully not in her chest/lungs. Tonight she fell asleep on my lap (without clonidine), she woke back up as Mike laid her in bed, but she quickly fell back to sleep! Hoping for a good night's sleep for my girl tonight. She so deserves it!

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Susan in Massachusetts said...

Praying for you, as always, Reagan.