Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ugh nausea

Reagan slept OK, was a little restless last night, but at least she was in her bed. Today has been a nauseous day. She's been super sweet and bright eyed, just with crazy nausea. She's at 60ml/hr (1200ml total) right now on her formula rate increase and not doing well. We really hadn't seen but maybe the slightest hint of nausea since starting this formula almost 4 weeks ago, but today more than made up for it! She was gaggy, retchy all day and actually threw up 5 times. Not good. So frustrating! What's almost worse is to see her so otherwise happy and sweet and then having this mess up what probably should be good days for her! Poor thing. We canceled all therapies and just took it easy. Thankfully she slept off and on today (without any medication), so that gave her some relief. Tonight she was awake and still very nauseous so I drained her g-tube and got A LOT of fluid. (She shouldn't have that much fluid just sitting in her tummy!) It's looking like it's going to be a long night, but hopefully she can sleep some (in her chair). Praying it's better in the morning!

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