Friday, September 12, 2014

Taking it easy

Reagan slept well last night. She woke up this morning around 7am content and even with a few smiles! She's been very laid back and mellow again today...but without the sensitivity. She's a lot more easy going and even her crazy brother barging into her room (and throwing the door open) didn't seem to bother her a bit! She had speech and PT this morning and did well with both. Then this afternoon she had school. She was very visually attentive, but her whole body was so relaxed, it was hard to get her to participate in school work! This afternoon and tonight we noticed that her temperature regulation was way off and her back was getting really sweaty and her hands and feet were very cold. She was a little more kicky tonight, so I let her roll around on the floor a bit. She's still got a gunky cough and runny nose though, so too much time on the floor wasn't a good idea either. I gave her clonidine around 10pm and she was falling asleep and ready for bed by 10:30. Hoping she wakes up happy and has a good day tomorrow. Grandma's in town this weekend, so I'm hoping she can enjoy it!
In the stander during PT...she doesn't look thrilled, but she didn't mind it!

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