Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sweet sleep deprived girl

So last night was Reagan's 3rd consecutive night of ZERO sleep! Seriously, I have NO idea how she does it! She spent the majority of the night again in her chair. Clondine and Lortab weren't touching her at all! Thankfully, she was very laid back and content. There was a big rain storm and we felt guilty having her sit awake all night with that, but we were exhausted and just couldn't sit up with her (and she didn't seem to care). Despite zero sleep, she's had a great day again today. She's been super sweet and super relaxed. She had OT and PT this morning and did great with both. She was a little spitty/chokey today, but OK. We were hoping with her wide open afternoon, we could get her to sleep a little. Didn't really happen...not until later anyway. She dozed off for a bit late afternoon, then woke up and we gave her a bath, and then dozed again for a bit. Mike and I skipped Bible study and went out to watch some live music on 6th street (since we conveniently already had Grandpa coming over for Ryan and a nurse for Reagan). After we left, Reagan woke up and was super nauseous. She had already had Zofran only a few hours earlier. Her nurse gave her some oxycodone (since we hadn't been having luck with clonidine or Lortab) and that seemed to help her fall back to sleep. She woke momentarily a couple more times, but she didn't seem nauseous anymore and her nurse was able to get her back to sleep quickly. By the time we got home at 10:45pm, both kiddos were fast asleep. We went ahead and left her in her chair tonight, for fear that moving her would wake her up. Hoping that FINALLY my girl will have a good night's sleep (even if it's not in her bed)!

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