Thursday, September 11, 2014

Super sensitive but still

Reagan slept last night for the most part. Around 5am she woke up and was moany and kicking around so Mike went in and laid down with her. She never fell back to sleep and around 6:45 Mike moved her into her chair and then the crying started! I gave her a dose of Lortab and that helped calm her down and she was calm but awake the rest of the morning. She did get a little stressed every time someone new would come into the room (like when her nurse first got here, or with a therapist, or me)! She did OK with therapy...she had PT & OT...everyone just had to be super careful with her (and work past a few tears). We never really figured out what was bothering her. In her body, she was very loose and still. She hardly moved her arms or legs all day. She was super sensitive, but didn't necessarily seem to be in pain (maybe it was just neurological). She started crying several times when I'd walk into the room and she did the same for Daddy. Thankfully we had her night nurse working last night until 10, so we were able to keep her content. At 10, I went in with her and finished watching Tangled with her. She didn't seem to mind me as long as I kept my mouth shut! Finally around 11, I gave her clonidine and she dozed off. She almost seemed like she wasn't going to make the transfer to her bed, she moved around and made a few noises, but finally she was out! Hoping for a good night's sleep tonight and a better (less sensitive) day tomorrow!

Reagan and her nurse Megan taking selfies! (At least she liked someone today!)

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