Friday, September 26, 2014

Super nauseous

Reagan seemed to be better today in the pain department...she was back to her sweet smiling self...BUT she was plagued by relentless nausea all day long! She had 5 big throw ups throughout the day (and some of those were twofers...back to back throw ups). When she wasn't throwing up, she was gagging/retching! It was not good! Somehow she managed to tolerate both speech and "school" but her teacher did remark that it was the most nauseous she had ever seen her! It definitely got progressively worse as the day went on. Tonight it was so bad that I tried giving her her pm dose of clonidine much earlier. It didn't work though and she had a paradoxical effect to it (instead of getting sleepy, she got agitated and aggressive...even though her dr said this doesn't happen often with this specific medicine)! After an hour or so of watching her go through that, I tried giving her Lortab (sometimes the Lortab helps to reverse the negative effects)...that didn't work either. It seemed like she got even MORE agitated from it! After fighting to hold her down and keep her from biting herself for what seemed like forever, I was finally able to stabilize her legs (by crossing them) and she dozed off. When she gets like this, the only thing that ever seems to help is giving stability and pressure throughout her body. I'm hoping, hoping, hoping she sleeps tonight! (I'm switching her over to Pedialyte for the night, hopefully giving her tummy a break will stop the nausea). Please keep her in your prayers! 

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Cjengo said...

poor girl! I totally relate