Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Still nausous but slightly improved

Reagan slept some last night...but not much. Thankfully (I think), the nausea wasn't that bad overnight. I never heard her gag, but she did wake me up a few times moaning and I got up and shushed her to settle her back down. I think she was very restless and in and out of sleep a lot, but probably more awake than asleep. This morning she was bright eyed and sweet again. Draining yellow bile out of her g-tube, but not nearly as much fluid (volume-wise). Still nauseous. Gaggy/retchy but no throw ups to speak of. Despite the nausea, we were able to get her into the bathtub (with some peppermint oil in it) and finally get her a bath! She had to feel a little better after that (and she smelled divine)! She got a little sensitive during speech...she didn't tolerate her wheelchair more than 20min or so and was getting overly excited even when just being read to! The rest of the day we took it easy. She had "school" this afternoon and actually did surprisingly well with that. Tonight she was super precious and sweet but we saw a definite increase in nausea again. I thought for sure she would throw up at one point, but she never did. I drained more fluid out of her tummy and made the executive decision to switch her over to Pedialyte. Hopefully that will give her tummy a rest. Tonight she was fighting sleep a little, but Daddy laid down with her and she went down. Not sure if she'll stay there, but at least she's starting in her bed!!

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