Monday, September 8, 2014

Sleepy but better

Reagan slept last night but she was very restless. She kept making noises and I'd jump out of bed and run to her side, only to find her already back asleep! So needless to say, it probably wasn't the best night's sleep for either of us. I was feeling pretty lousy this morning, so much so that I only walked today (it's the first time I've missed a scheduled run since I started running at the beginning of June)! I definitely think I've got whatever Reagan's nurse had last week (and Reagan is now coughing as well, so I think it's going around). When Reagan woke up this morning, she was much more relaxed. Unfortunately we did find some battle wounds from yesterday. She really did go at that hand...usually it's her fingers, but this time it was the base of her hand (below the thumb). So today we've just tried our best to keep it away from her so it doesn't become infected! She was still tense, but not upset or fussing like she did yesterday. She had a couple big poos today, so I'm sure that helped her tummy. She also took a really long nap, sleeping most of the morning and afternoon without medication (had to cancel most of her therapies). Tonight she was awake for a while, but then dozed off again on her own around 10pm. She woke back up and needed clonidine to fall back to sleep, but hopefully she'll sleep through the night (in her chair). She's still got a gunky cough and tonight she was acting a little gaggy. I'm hoping it's just drainage and not actual nausea. Please continue to keep my girl in your prayers!

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Diane said...

Oh I hope it isn't some virus on top of bad days- poor little one, this has been just a very rough summer on her. This has been a horrid summer for Abby and a few other's I know who usually do great in the summer- I am keeping my fingers crossed Reagan will get a triple dose of really terrific days coming her way!