Friday, September 5, 2014

Sleepless and pee-less

Reagan didn't sleep a wink last night! Thankfully she wasn't fussy or whiny (an occasional laugh), so I was able to sleep for less than 5hrs before getting up to run! Today she's been laughy and vocal all day. Slightly kooky and her body is still very tense, but she's less on edge (if that makes any sense). She had speech, PT, and school today and did really well with everything. Less sensitive to external we didn't have to tippy toe around her as much. Her body tension, however, is wrecking havoc on her urine output. Not one single pee all day until tonight after her dose of clonidine (we think it relaxed her enough to finally go). It was a small one though, so we know she's still holding a lot of it in there. Her temperature regulation was also very off today, her body was super sweaty and hot but her hands and feet would get ice cold! Lots of outfit changes today. Tonight she did eventually fall asleep after her dose of clonidine (and she was OUT), but woke the second Mike tried to lay her in her bed! I had to move her back to her chair and it's looking like it's going to be another long night for her! I wish my girl could get some sleep!!!

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