Monday, September 1, 2014

Sweet sleepy girl and major allergic reaction (for me)

Reagan slept like a rock last night (maybe it was the weighted blanket). I told her nurse to take the day off, because she was still not feeling well yesterday, so we've been nurseless today. I knew it wouldn't be an issue because I had both Mike and Grandma here to help out. So, this morning I went for my run and then came back and took a shower. I'm not sure what happened but first my feet started itching, then my thumbs and pointer fingers started swelling, I had hives all over...I was having a major allergic reaction! I never figured out what caused it, but two Benadryl did the trick (one wouldn't cut it...thankfully the swelling didn't spread to my airway! Of course the Benadryl also made me pretty drowsy, so I spent the morning laying beside Reagan upstairs. I must've rubbed off on her because she fell asleep and then slept the entire day! She finally woke back up around 5pm. She was sweet and overall pretty laid back, but she still wanted that hand in her mouth or in her hair at all times! Lots of loud, exaggerated sighs too (and biting at her lower lip)! She was awake til 9:30pm or so when she dozed off again on her own. Hoping she sleeps tonight despite sleeping most of the day! 

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