Sunday, September 28, 2014

Good girl

Reagan has been such a good girl today! She woke up smiling and was sweet and smiley all day today! Very easy going, laughy at times, but over all just a sweet girl. So nice to see her recovered from those days last week! When she's in the middle of that, it feels like it's never going to end! But when she's good, she's SO good! It sucks that she has to go through the bad days at all, but I am still very thankful that at least she recovers and has good days once again! Hopefully she can have more good days this go round! One year ago today we were in Tulum Mexico for my sister's wedding! Reagan was recovering from a bad day but pulled it together just in time to make it to the wedding! It was such a beautiful wedding and despite not liking Mexico and being super anxious about having Reagan there with all of her medical issues, everything went well and we had a great time! My girl has always been a good traveler!

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Clarissa said...

beautiful picture! I'm so glad she is/was doing good! Praying!