Wednesday, September 17, 2014

No sleep...again!

Reagan had another night of no sleep last night! She didn't last long in her bed and I had to get up and move her to her chair again. She had speech and "school" today and did very well with both (despite her lack of sleep). We kept hoping she was going to get sleepy and doze off at some point today, but it never happened. Thankfully, she was in a pretty good mood despite it all. It's amazing to me how she continues to function like this...on NO sleep! I know I can't do it! But she's alert, awake, and happy! It's crazy to me! She's been a little spitty today, so we went ahead and started her on round the clock Zofran. Hopefully that will prevent any nausea that's trying to rear it's ugly head. She's not looking sleepy at all tonight and clonidine still doesn't seem to be helping...hopefully Mike will be able to get her to fall asleep!                                  

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