Monday, September 15, 2014

Not too bad, but still kooky

It was an OK day today. Reagan (and Ryan) got up super early today at 6am! Reagan has been excitable from the get go. Very vocal and still a little kooky. There were definitely some times we had to lower the volume on the television or not talk because she was getting too excited! She had speech this morning but that was a bust. Just too much on a day like today. This afternoon she had OT and she was able to get a lot of stretching done, which was great, because she was very crunched up and tense all day. Lots of hand in the mouth, hands in the hair, curled up in a ball. Lots of high pitched vocalizations that sound like they are just seconds from tears. Lots of moaning. Still a little licky and sticking her tongue out a lot. We went ahead and canceled school. Definitely not a good school day. Tonight she continued to be vocal, but she held it together and had a decent night. Just wish she could relax a little! There was a bit of a freak out again after her pm dose of clonidine, but she eventually settled down and fell asleep! 

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