Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Great day

Today has been another great day for my girl. She has been so laid back and still all day! It's amazing to see her so relaxed...not at war with her body and the constant movement that normally plagues her! Her arms are still and by her side, her legs are crossed or hanging down in front of her...none of the constant kicking and hands in the mouth/hair that we are used to! It's awesome! She had three therapies from 10-2 and did very well with them all. First her vision teacher came with the speech therapist from school, then PT came and a repair guy from the DME company (who was here to fix a motor on her bed) adjusted the headrest on her stander, and finally OT came and worked with her as well. By the time OT got her she was definitely a little worn out. Really with each therapy today she'd start out strong and then get more tired toward the end of the session. The vision teacher/speech therapist were telling me how Reagan was purposefully nodding yes or no to their questions! They said by the end, her nod had gotten a lot more subtle (she was obviously tired), but she was still "answering" their questions!! So if that wasn't enough, we decided to load everybody up and head over to the aquarium right after OT. When Reagan's doing well, we really have to take advantage of these opportunities! Ryan fell asleep in the car (taking his 10min nap for the day) and then Grandpa met us over there! Both kids seemed to enjoy themselves, although no one more than Ryan, sticking his entire arm into the tanks (almost all of the big tanks are "touch" tanks)! We all had a good time and headed home for a quick bath for Miss Reagan! We had an uneventful night and Reagan (who looked sleepy the entire day) finally dozed off around 10:30pm! Hoping for another great one tomorrow for my girl!!

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Heather said...

Look at her with her pretty little legs crossed. Very happy for these days. I pray that you all will string along many of them. Been praying for that for a very long time. Rejoicing in these beautiful days for you all from afar.