Monday, September 29, 2014

Good but a little off

Reagan slept OK last night...she woke up at exactly 5:34am...a little early for my liking (one minute before my alarm went off)! She was good though, sweet and smiley. She had a busy day of therapies. Speech at 10, OT at 11:45, and "school" at 4:30pm. She did REALLY well with everything. It was a very good day for therapy! There still were a couple "little" things that were slightly off with her. She was holding her urine this morning (she hadn't gone since early the night before) and her temperature control was way off...very sweaty back and super cold clammy hands and feet! Last night and today and I did notice what we would call "bad day smell" on her head, but with her holding her urine, I haven't really had the opportunity to collect a specimen to take in to the lab! Tonight she was a little easily startled. She kept throwing her arms up in the air (never like seeing that..reminds us of seizure days). But she was still super sweet and smiley! A little spitty/foamy but good. She fell asleep fairly easily with the help of clonidine so hopefully she'll sleep through the night tonight!

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Cjengo said...

Jude throws his arms up a lot when he is startled. It can be something very simple but he still throws them up. He can go months without doing that but then it will start again. It's ironic you mentioned it because he did that today when the dog barked.