Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Brutal day

Well, Reagan decided to play the old switcheroo on us today! You know how calm and content she's been for the last two days? Well, she was the polar opposite of that today! I guess it was the quiet before the storm! She woke up this morning crying and has been crying every waking moment since! And it's a "I'm in pain" sort of cry! Not really what I sometimes consider a neurological event, more just pure pain. Ugh. It's awful watching her suffer and not being able to help. She's slept off and on today. Oxycodone seemed to help the most. We also tried more essential oils. The lavender/lemon didn't seem to do much this morning, although she did sleep a lot. Then this afternoon when she was crying a lot and seemed to maybe be having a migraine sort of pain (she kept swiping at her head), I tried peppermint in the diffuser and something called pan away diluted and rubbed it on her neck, shoulders, temples, and feet. She definitely seemed to enjoy having her neck/shoulders rubbed and dozed off while I was doing it. (I put it on my aching/cramping calf the other day and literally within seconds the pain was completely gone! It only lasted for 30min or so, but it worked amazingly well!) Not sure if it was the ibuprofen that helped or the oils but she did doze back off for a few hours. It's been a brutal day, I won't lie. I'm hoping and praying that she'll be able to fall asleep and stay asleep so she can actually get some decent rest!

I know it's hard to watch...but she did this ALL day! It's awful. She's breath holding has to be pain!


Diane said...

oh no.. she had such a nice couple days. :-( Hoping tonight she can rest well and the pain goes away!

Heather said...

Poor sweet love.

I am so sorry. Heartbreaking for her. For you all as you watch her fight through these days.

Prayers that sleep will come.

Nancy said...

Poor sweet child! Sending hugs for you all.