Thursday, September 25, 2014

Another rough one

Reagan slept for most of the night but did wake up at 3am crying. I gave her some Lortab which helped her to eventually go back to sleep. When she woke up again at 7am, she was crying once more. I gave her Ibuprofen and even though she didn't fall back to sleep, she wasn't crying anymore. Well, for an hour or so anyway. The crying was off and on all morning. She was in and out of sleep, crying without even opening her eyes. It was another cancel all appts/therapies day. She did go for a couple of stretches where she was awake and OK. She laid on the floor for a while and even though she was tense/wide eyed, she was calm. That didn't last though and it was back to crying and sleeping off and on. It's SO hard seeing her like this! Two really rough days...nothing we can do to help her. Ugh, I hate this! This afternoon she went for a longer stretch without fussing/crying. She really seemed to have maybe turned a corner. But then tonight she was moaning a lot for the nurse while we were at Bible study. She gave her some clonidine which seemed to help. However, once we got back home, she started full on crying again! Poor thing! I'm hoping she can sleep tonight. She's very restless. She dozes off and then wakes back up a few minutes later crying again!

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