Sunday, August 10, 2014

The same

Reagan slept well again last night. She woke this morning around 7am and I could hear her making kooky noises. It's been another kooky day for her. Very similar to yesterday, she's been super sensitive to noises, and we've had to whisper around her most of the day! She seemed to prefer her bean bag chair today (over her tomato chair), but she also did well on the floor. Just another odd day. Things are definitely "off", but she's beautiful and sweet and doesn't appear to be in any immediate distress, so I guess I'll take that. Tonight she seemed a little less stressed/sensitive and did fine downstairs with her crazy brother and loud tv. She was getting super sweaty again, so I put a blanket down and let her roll around on the floor. In her chair she'd kick around like crazy, and on the floor she'd roll on her side and just lay still for long periods of time, so it was definitely better. Tonight she was pretty restless and waking back up in bed, so I have no clue how much she'll actually sleep tonight.

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