Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Terrible awful no good very bad day (and especially night)!

Ugh. That's all I can say. Last night was ridiculously bad for my girl! I can't remember the last time she was that miserable! Big, hard, gut wrenching cries...not just pitiful moaning...she was definitely in pain! She cried all night long, only sleeping for 5-10min at a time, usually right after a pain medication (that's how long they worked 5-10min or not at all)! She continued to cry nonstop, every waking moment today as well (this morning and afternoon anyway). She did doze a little off and on this morning, but again, not longer than 15min or so. She seems to prefer having her body crunched up (knees up to her chest) and she's just SO crazy tense! She's also doing a lot of smacking/swallowing with her mouth, which might indicate nausea, but I sure hope not. It's just been an awful day/night for her. Unless you see it, I don't think you can clearly understand how heartbreaking it is to watch. I had to reschedule her EKG that was supposed to be repeated today, we're going to do it Friday instead (hopefully she'll be better by then). We did, however, move her previously scheduled abdominal ultrasound to today so that we might catch something going on internally during one of these episodes. Reagan was still very upset when it was time to go, but I scooped her up and loaded her into the running car and within a few minutes she was already dozing off! She was very calm and slept most of the way there. Unfortunately that didn't last once the ultrasound started! She fought like a tiger! Her nurse and I both had to hold her down and she still got away from us at times! Crying, kicking, flailing, biting...hopefully the ultrasound tech was able to get what she needed! Afterward we got her back into the car and immediately she started dozing off again! I don't know what it is about the car, but maybe we should have tried that last night? (She's never been a kid to fall asleep in the car!) Anyway, when we got home, she was noticeably more calm, but not as calm as she was in the car! And she did escalate a bit as the night went on. You could tell her pain meds must have been wearing off because she kept tensing up as if she was fighting off waves of pain! Poor thing! She did start dozing after I gave her some clonidine, but her brother's craziness woke her back up (and she was NOT happy)! I just gave her some oxycodone and she's now sleeping peacefully in her bean bag chair, although her beeping pump did almost wake her up again! Praying she'll be able to stay asleep and get some rest! I can't even imagine how exhausted her poor little body must be right now! Please continue to keep her in your prayers!

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