Thursday, August 7, 2014

Still gaggy but some sleep

I think Reagan slept fairly well from midnight to 4:30am (that is, after she got a dose of oxycodone and made it past the major clonidine freak out)! But I gave her another dose of oxycodone at 4:45am and I don't think it did a thing. She was awake and moving around when I got up to run at 6:30am, but by the time I got back from my run she was asleep (only for 30min or so, but I'll take it). Anyway, she was fairly nauseous all morning. No actual retching, but lots of "gaggy" faces and cupping her lips to try to contain the spit. Despite the nausea, she definitely seemed to be in better spirits. Both OT and PT came and worked with her, did a lot of stretching, since she's been so crunched up lately (and spending so much time in her chair). She was definitely looking sleepy after therapy, and she was FULL of yawns, but her body/nausea just wasn't letting her sleep. Finally, just before 3pm, she dozed off on her own. From 3-10pm she slept like a rock, only moving a couple of times, but going right back to sleep. We were afraid to touch her, but at 10 we decided to try to move her to her bed. I don't know if it was just the act of moving her, her nurse trying to check her vitals before she left, or me changing her diaper, but she woke up and then wouldn't go back to sleep! SO frustrating. She was smiley, but still making a lot of mouth movements so I really didn't feel comfortable leaving her flat in her bed, so I moved her back to her chair. It's not looking good for sleep tonight for my girl, which makes me very sad. I'm happy that she seems to be feeling better and that she got some sleep today, but I really wanted her to sleep tonight! Prayers that she would get the sleep that she so desperately needs!

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