Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sleep all day day

Nothing much to post for today! Reagan slept the ENTIRE day! That's right! All night (in her chair) and then ALL day (in her bed)!!! Thank God! Definitely an answer to prayers! It was such a restful sleep too...arms up over her head!! Her tube kinked at one point and caused her med port to pop open and leak all over her bed...she never woke up! Even getting her bed, outfit, and diaper changed out...she stayed fast asleep!! Sweet, sweet girl! She SO needed this! Praying she sleeps tonight and wakes up smiling tomorrow! My girl needs some good days!!!! 


Clarissa said...

Awesome! Praise God!!
As a side note, what kind of bed does she have and can it be lifted at the head at all? does she do okay flat on her back at night with feedings (or does she get fed at night)... she is obviously getting fed during her sleep in the day, like you said... anyway, we are exploring sleep options for Abigail. :)

Reagan Leigh said...

She has a sleep safe bed, it is electric and can elevate her head (but does not move up and down electrically) and it's also padded for her safety! I like the way we can put the side down without having to lift her up and over a rail! Insurance paid for it, so definitely look into it!