Sunday, August 24, 2014

Restless night, restless day

Reagan was very restless again last night! I'm thankful that she at least tolerated laying in her bed, but I really don't think she got much sleep!  Today has been very similar to yesterday (and the day before). She's sweet and even a little smiley, but you can definitely tell that her body is "off". The chorea has increased a lot (she's kicking, kicking, kicking) and overall her body is just plain tense! Her temperature regulation is also still WAY off (cold hands and feet, super sweaty back). She did not do as well on the floor today as she was a little more spitty/chokey. Tonight she also gave me several big retches and I thought for sure she was going to throw up, but she never did. She was very resistant to medication tonight as well. I gave her oxycodone to try to calm her down around did nothing! Then around 10pm I gave her clonidine...again nothing! Finally around 11:15pm she started looking sleepy and Mike laid down with her and was able to get her to sleep! No idea how long this will last, but I need to get to sleep soon!!

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