Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Not good

Reagan slept well last night...never woke up from when we first laid her down! When she woke up this morning, however, her mood was not good. She was very tense and crunchy and there were no smiles to be found! The silence didn't last long and before we knew it she was in a full blown bad day! Her nurse gave her some oxycodone but it didn't seem to do much. She cried for a full 45min or so and then literally 1min after she got a dose of Ibuprofen, she fell asleep! (So it's doubtful that it was actually the ibuprofen!) She's slept most of the day today and that's a good thing! When she woke back up around 3pm, she wasn't crying, but was as tense and miserable as she could be (thrashing, biting, flailing) without actually crying. Another dose of oxycodone and 30min or so later, she was back asleep again! Poor baby! Very rough day. She slept until just before 7pm. She woke with a lot of thrashing and a pained/startled look on her face, but no crying. It took a while for her to finally doze back off...lots of essential oils and oxycodone! She's still asleep at the moment, but keeps moving around in her sleep, so it may not last much longer. Please say some extra prayers for my girl!