Friday, August 1, 2014

EKG scare

Reagan slept well last night (in her bed)!! She woke up this morning still very serious, but less scowly. A little licky/mouthy but that was the only sign that might be an indication of nausea. Very tense and crunchy...she seemed to prefer to be held, rather than being in her chair. She ended up having a big poo diaper (thank you milk of mag increase) and then afterward was much more relaxed and calm and actually dozed off right before speech (she has a knack at falling asleep right before therapy)! She was smiling off and on in her sleep, so we were hopeful she might wake up in a better mood. She slept for a while and then woke up  Meanwhile, I had just recieved an email from the GI nurse telling me that we needed to lower Reagan's nortriptyline down to its previous dose because her EKG came back with a "non-specific t-wave abnormality". Of course, she couldn't tell me anything about that and what it means (could it have been an error in the recording, could it have been due to her high stress and nausea that day)!?!? After some freaking out on my part, the nurse did eventually speak with the cardiologist who said "that the finding can mean absolutely nothing, that the QT interval Is what he is usually more concerned with and hers looks good. So we will repeat the EKG in one month". So for now, we just have to leave her medication at the lower dose (that wasn't helping her) until her doctor gets back on Monday! And FYI, I'm not waiting a month to do another EKG! I'm going to push for one next week so we can confirm whether this is a real issue or not! I'm still really annoyed! :( Anywho, Reagan pretty much slept the whole day through today! Hoping she'll keep sleeping through the night and wake up feeling better tomorrow! 

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