Thursday, August 28, 2014

ENT follow-up

Reagan slept well last night and woke up sweet again this morning! She had a busy therapy day with sessions of PT and vision and then a late afternoon session of school! She did great with everything! Ryan didn't sleep great, he was awake at 3am, but at least he was content and not crying. He woke up and proceeded to get warm and then covered again in hives. After a dose of benedryl and motrin, he was good. He actually passed out cold on the recliner. I moved him to his bed and he napped the entire time we were gone at Reagan's ENT appt (Grandpa just watched golf/tennis)! Reagan did great with her appt, even with her doctor talking REALLY loudly (I guess he's used to dealing with people who are hard of hearing)! But the general summary of the visit is that her hearing is normal. Yeah for normal! The ABR came back fine and her ears look good, so unless there's anything we are worried about, no need to go back to ENT! Woo hoo! We came home to find Ryan still asleep, but boy was he cranky when he finally woke up! (That's how I feel after benedryl!) He eventually chilled out with a lot of Cat in the Hat and iPad! (It's time to cut back on that again, he's getting a little out of control!) Reagan was good all day, a little vocal, but I think she just wanted constant attention! (Who doesn't?!?!) Hoping for another good night's sleep tonight and a good day tomorrow as well! 

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