Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pretty good

Reagan had a pretty good day today! She slept well, despite another tube leak that soaked her bed! I changed her and cleaned everything up without her ever waking up (again)! She slept in a little but woke up in a good mood. Not super smiley, but did give us laughs. She definitely preferred to be in the bean bag chair today or to be held (she was just too crunchy for the tomato chair)! She had OT, PT, and school today and did well with them all! She would vocalize here and there, almost as if she was speaking or trying to respond to questions. She was super snuggly and sweet, but not a fan of us talking amongst ourselves (tonight especially). She was yawny all day but didn't nap at all, and then tonight dozed off on her own around 9:30pm. Hoping for another good night's sleep and a happy girl tomorrow! Come on HAPPY!

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