Monday, August 4, 2014

OK day, tearful night

Reagan eventually fell asleep last night, after A LOT of laughing and carrying on. She slept, but she was a little restless. When I got up this morning at 7am, she was wide awake laying in bed! She's had a fairly good day today. Still some things are off, she's tense in her body, still clammy, and sensitive to us talking amongst ourselves (instead of to her), but overall she's been good. Very laughy again. She had speech today and it was hard to get her to focus on anything, but she did OK. It wasn't until this afternoon that things started escalating. She was getting increasingly tense. Her nurse checked her temperature because she felt a little warm, and she had a low grade temp (99.4). She decided to give her some Lortab to try to help calm her down and reduce her fever. Unfortunately, calming down was not in the cards! She was getting increasingly vocal/agitated, so Mike went upstairs to try to calm her down (I was cooking dinner). That didn't work either! She quickly went into full blown crying and wouldn't stop! When I finished with dinner, I went up with her and was able to calm her down. She was relatively calm (still tense but quiet) for the next couple of hours. It wasn't until I gave her her pm dose of clonidine that she freaked out again! About 30min after she got it, the tears started up and then didn't stop! I tried Lortab, but it wasn't helping either! Ugh. We're in for a rough night tonight! I hate to see my girl suffer like this. You can definitely tell something is hurting her...but we have NO idea what?!?! Please keep her in your prayers!

During her quiet period tonight (in between the tears)...

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Diane said...

Oh I really hope this run of bad days ends fast for poor Reagan.. we will all keep her in our thoughts and prayers.