Saturday, August 23, 2014

Off but OK

Reagan slept OK last night. Still pretty restless, but at least she was in her bed. She's been a little more sensitive today. Not a fan of us talking (almost freaked out once this morning when I was talking to her nurse) and had a huge crying meltdown tonight because of brother's noisiness. A little spitty/nauseous, making lots of mouth movements but no actual retching. She's definitely more tense in her body (we think she's still having tummy pains) and her temperature regulation is way off again (hands and feet super cold and clammy but her back sweats wet in minutes)! Tonight she preferred to be on the floor kicking around. I tried hold her a few times, and she made it clear that she preferred to roll around on the floor! Still having lots of gas, so I helped her poo again (her nurse gave her 30mls of milk of magnesia and still nothing), and I think she HAD to feel better afterward! She was resisting sleep tonight so I have no clue how much sleep she's going to get! At this point, I'm just praying she'll tolerate being in her bed!

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