Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kooky and tense but still smiling

Reagan slept last night! She woke up this morning a little kooky and she's been that way ever since. She's smiling, but we've had to be careful around her with talking and noises, she's very sensitive. Her body is very tense and shaky and she's sweating a lot. She has been good on the floor, so several times today we've let her roll and kick around on the floor for a while (keeps her from sweating her back wet in her chairs)! Tonight she also did well with me holding her. It really seemed to calm her down. She tried to doze off on her own, but woke back up 10min later or so and couldn't fall back asleep. I finally broke down and gave her a dose of clonidine (I'm still really nervous about it after what happened the other night). Thankfully, it worked, and she was asleep a few minutes later. Hoping she can get some more sleep tonight and wake up a little less tense tomorrow!

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