Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Finally...some sleep!

Reagan slept off and on last night (in her chair of course). She was very restless (and still nauseous) so I'm not sure how much sleep she actually got. This morning she appeared to be feeling a little better. No real nausea to speak of, but looked oh so tired!  Ibuprofen was the only thing that seemed to provide any relief to her. Right around 9am she dozed off and then slept HARD from 9-2pm. At 2pm she woke up and was wide eyed and a bit tense, not sure if she was still half asleep or what, but she settled down and looked a lot more calm after another dose of Ibuprofen (we just gave it around the clock yesterday). She was slightly tense last night (not a fan of music on tv or anything too loud), but otherwise good. She did make a few gaggy faces here and there, particularly when I would pick her up and try to hold her (to give her some time out of the chair)! Not happy to see any signs of nausea, but thankful it wasn't relentless like the day before. Tonight she dozed off in my arms after her pm dose of clonidine, but as soon as Mike tried to lay her in bed, she started freaking out! He had to move her to her chair and she didn't calm back down until after a dose of Lortab. Not sure if it was the clonidine itself (another paradoxical reaction) or if it was just her not wanting to lay down in her bed, but she was not happy! Once she settled back down, she did eventually doze off and appear to be fast asleep. Sad she's in her chair once again (but too afraid to attempt to move her), but happy that she's sleeping and praying she'll sleep through the night!

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