Saturday, August 2, 2014

Diaper explosion!

Reagan slept well last night but woke up this morning (while I was out on my run) with a bed full-o-poo! Poor girl, and poor Grandma and Daddy who had to clean it all up! As it turns out, today was destined to be a day of poo, with FIVE expolsive diapers (three of which resulted in major cleanups)! Her nurse had to do one completely unassisted, which is VERY difficult. And the third ended up all over the carpet! (Lots of laundry today!) Talk about excitement (the wrong kind though). Turns out there was a minor misunderstanding about her dose of milk of magnesia, the doctor wrote out the order as 3x her regular dose, and obviously that was WAY too much! Anywho, her mood today has been pretty good (not great, but good). Giving smiles and laughs here and there, especially for Grandma! Tonight and this afternoon she's been a lot more sensitive to noises, we had to turn the tv down on several occasions just to try to avoid a meltdown. Tonight she dozed off on her own and was easily transfered to her bed. Hoping for a good night's sleep without any more "surprises"!!

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